I am an actor, director and teacher. I combine Improvisation with Stanislavski’s System (his later work) to help actors and directors find spontaneous, life-like choices. 

I started my own theater and school, The Next Stage in 1979 to give a safe space for beginners, as well as professional actors and directors to take risks and stretch themselves. I use Viola Spolin’s brilliant Theater Games as a base and a great place for beginners to gain confidence. I studied and was directed by Viola Spolin at the Second City in Chicago and the Spolin Theater Game Center in L.A. Her great insight was that focused play is the root of acting, and that anyone can act.

There are personal side effects of the training that have sometimes been more important than the acting training because people experience a greater ability to express themselves, without self consciousness, to focus and really be present, in the moment. 

I also work in the field of Education, I have worked in Mental Health and have trained professional actors, directors, teachers and drama therapists. 




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